Torken (TKI)

Torken (TKI) is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on Tor browser to provide a secure, fast and anonymous payment.

Anonymous Payment

Based on Tor browser, Torken (TKI) provide a hidden and anoymous payment system which is not trackable.

Safe and Secure

Combined with Tor IP-hidden protocol and the security of the Ethereum blockchain. Transactions are secure and fast.

Decentralized Currency

Torken (TKI) is a peer-to-peer, secure platform with an average transaction time of 30 seconds!

Secure Wallets

There will be multiple native TKI official wallets to site your tokens. 3rd party wallets are also a great option.

Mass Adoption

Mass adoption is the key to TKI. Millions of Tor browser users and dark web trader are the supporters of Torken (TKI).

Open Source

Torken (TKI) is open source and everyone programmer around the world can join our Github and help Torken (TKI) to develop.

Torken (TKI) Details

Token Name


Token Symbol


Token Decimals


Total Supply

1O Billion

Pre-sale Price

1ETH = 20000 TKI

Pre-sale Time


Crowd-sale Price

1ETH = 10000 TKI

Crowd-sale Time



Total supply 10 Billion, 10% for Airdrop, 5% for Private Sale, 10% for Pre-sale, 15% for Crowdsale, 10% for exchanges deposit and listing, 15% for Community operation, 15% for Team incentives, 20% for marketing.

Contract Address


How to buy TKI

Send ETH to contract address 0x5C5Abd9c0F1c9b7305334944f47Caa4b32703EEf and you will receive TKI automaticly. (Set gas limit larger than 80000 and gas fee larger than 10 GWEI)

TKI Exchanges

First exchanges aim to be listed


Second exchanges aim to be listed


TKI team

Torken (TKI) is designed by estonia IT engineers and backed by several early BTC investors and the huge crypto community.

Lukas Streck

CEO. Computer science engineer. PhD in data science with 3 years experience in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, 6 years in IT.

Daniel Hunn

COO. Computer science engineer. Cryptography expert and successfully delivered more than 10 cryptography projects in Germany.

Urs Lindenmayer

CTO. Software designer in manmachine interface, software engineering, embedded systems and networking (TCP/IP, MODBUS, Tor).

Marc Lohmann

Software architect. Former open source software developer of Jasny.

Rolf Zierke

Blockchain architect. Fomer software architect at ProActive Software, Netherlands.

Bertolo Carmen

Marketing manger. 20 years of experience in management and International business development.


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